A quick note about why any of this matters. About why I care if my body is on my team. Why I care if we communicate well and back each other up.

I eat well to nourish my team. I nourish my team to help us communicate. I communicate clearly so we can move forward. I move forward in order to contribute, to leave the world better than I how I found it. I leave the world better to return the gift God (or whoever put me on this earth) gave me to experience all the amazing things the world offers. I believe in God because it gives me context.

At some point I think we all question why we are here and what we should be doing about it. I think I am here because God put me here.. You may have a different answer when you ask yourself. And as far as what I should be doing about it.. That is always a work in progress.. but I feel like the more centered I am and the more I can feel of the world around me, the closer I am to discovering the answer. When you listen to your body so closely you can feel your heart and you can hear the way it is asking you to go.

Simplified yes, but those are the basics. Giving me purpose is one thing. Keeping it on track is a whole challenge in and of itself. Baby steps….

Thank You

I wanted to take this post to quickly say thank you. I am grateful for the loyal reading of this blog by friends and friends of friends and as of today... even strangers. And slightly amazed at how many of you can find something in my text that strikes a cord with you. To me that shows how so many of us are in this together. How many of us feel against our bodies at times and want to feel better. As you read if you come up with anything you would like to share or have questions about, please email me. (sskvarla@gmail.com) The type of discussion that would follow is infinitely valuable to me. Also feel free to comment on a post.

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